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Review Management

Your reputation is essential in today's marketing landscape and that translates to your number of reviews and total review score.

The better reputation gets the phone calls.

  • Unify Review alerts
  • Review Management Dashboard
  • Bulk and single review requests by text or email
  • Automated review request follow ups
  • Employee level review tracking for gamification
  • Google Local Service Ads (LSA) review workflow

Social Media Management

Falling behind on posting to your social media accounts? Spending too much valuable time pondering and creating daily posts that gain little attention?

Allow us to introduce Unify Social.

  • High end posts created for your industry and audience
  • Advanced posting queue and automation settings
  • Seamless scheduling automation for daily publishing
  • Integrations with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin
  • Multi user and role level access dashboard
  • Create your own posts from scratch or choose from a selection of thousands of posts made for you.

Call Tracking

Knowledge is ROI decision-making power. If you do not know where your phone calls are coming from, then you don’t know if your marketing is making money or losing money.

Let's change that.

  • Real Time Call Tracking Management Dashboard
  • Dynamic and static call tracking options
  • Track and label Google, GBP, Ads, Yelp, Print, TV and any other phone calls!
  • Record and listen to call for lead level tagging
  • Track employee level call performance
  • Receive Real Time Call Tracking Alerts

Google Business Profile Manager

Your GBP is undeniably one of your most valuable sources of leads (or should be) and keeping your rankings high in Google takes work for 1 location, let alone multiple locations. Don’t think you need a platform to track and manage your Google Business Profile?

Allow us to change your mind.

  • Google Business Profile Management Dashboard
  • Edit your GBP profile data and images centrally
  • Schedule and post GBP updates
  • Respond to GBP questions and messages
  • Receive Real Time Alerts on important GBP information
  • Track GBP maps rankings on a NEIGHBORHOOD level


Tired of live chat software that is too confusing or overly convoluted? Use the live chat platform your leads WANT TO USE and your staff can effortlessly support.

Convert more leads the easy way.

  • Text to live chat workflow - leads text you with their cell
  • Mobile app - route live chat requests to your employees phones
  • Real Time Alerts for unanswered or delayed chat sessions
  • Live chat performance and satisfaction tracking
  • Live chat management dashboard


Don’t you just love digging through your inbox for contact forms or wondering if you are missing leads worth thousands from forms that mysteriously never arrive?

Introducing the better contact forms without the spam!

  • Contact Forms Management Dashboard
  • Create multiple contact forms for placement anywhere
  • Manage who receives contact forms and edit email format
  • Configure Real Time Text Message Alerts for contact forms
  • Proprietary artificial intelligence to end the form spam!!!
  • Forms captured in the dashboard so you always have them!


Your lead volume from Google Search, Google Maps (GBP) and Bing Search engines depend on where you rank online when someone looks for you. YOU need to know this information regardless of who you pay for marketing. Own your ranking data, know your presence or fly blind.

Let us be your eyes.

  • Keyword Rank Tracking Dashboard
  • Service & City specific rank tracking views
  • Google desktop, Google Mobile, Google Maps & Bing Rank Tracking
  • Real Time Rank tracking alerts that matter!
  • Compare ranking data over time to see performance
  • In Beta - Track your performance vs 3 competitors

Command your Brand & Grow

Tired of not knowing your marketing performance, switching and relearning marketing software, and feeling overwhelmed and out of touch with your marketing results? Especially if you are paying for marketing services, you need to own the marketing performance data and manage key components of YOUR OWN marketing. We provide you with the platform you need to finally take control of your brand and transparently understand your marketing performance.


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Building an Online Reputation is Now Easier

Your reputation will be crucial in not only widening your market but also converting leads into paying customers. The latest statistics show that 97% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses.

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    Unify Review alerts

  • list-icon

    Review Management Dashboard

  • list-icon

    Bulk and single review requests by text or email

  • list-icon

    Automated review request follow ups

  • list-icon

    Employee level review tracking for gamification

  • list-icon

    Google Local Service Ads (LSA) review workflow


The Live Chat Platform You And Your Leads Want to Use.

Building a reputation takes time, effort, and sometimes even a lot of luck. A review or two, no matter how glowing and positive they are, are just a small step towards creating a greater following online.

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    Route chat to multiple support agents

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    Advance notifications for unresponded chats

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    Text message to mobile app technology

  • list-icon

    View and monitor all live chat transcripts

  • list-icon

    Set your live chat hours of support

  • list-icon

    Chat response time tracking per agent


Give Your Brand the Social Love it Needs - Daily

Our Unify Social platform can make sure your brand is booming on Facebook, Instagram,Twitter and even Linkedin.

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    Connect and Centralize Accounts

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    Post Queue Settings

  • list-icon

    Advanced Scheduling Features

  • list-icon

    Publishing Automation

  • list-icon

    Pre-Written Social Media Content

  • list-icon

    Create & Schedule Your Own

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