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Does your competition provide essential tools for instant interaction?

Unify360 gives you the added advantage of having access to the essential tools that allow instant interaction with your potential customers and provide greater insights about your conversions. Call tracking allows you to see the calling behavior of your potential clients as well as a segmented view of the results of your marketing campaigns.

Our call tracking provides you a minimum of 4 dynamic phone numbers on your website to track the sources of your phone calls such as Google organic or Facebook. You can have additional phone numbers to track other campaigns like a radio ad, postcard campaign, and more. Calls are recorded, which means you can listen and review how your agents are handling phone calls. You can also receive text messages that you can view from the dashboard.



Having call tracking as part of your online marketing efforts affords you the chance to leverage the necessary information and make it part of your strategy.

You will get to see which specific tactics are generating calls and which ones should be evaluated further. You can then enhance our ads or plan your budget better.

Another reason that makes call tracking a vital piece of your marketing strategy is ensuring improved ROI, which remains an essential performance metric. Track calls from your website as well as other digital marketing campaigns that you employ. The information you will generate can help you better determine your phone leads ultimately convert to customers. The data that you will gather will help you get the most out of your money.

Accurate conversion metrics are also possible when you have a more detailed call tracking system. You can monitor the behavior of your potential customers, analyze the skills of your personnel, set more realistic goals, and much more, all by using unique phone numbers and tracing the source of the call.

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